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Capital Markets - Fixed Income


Capital Markets - Fixed Income

Since 1980, AMS has provided primary and secondary institutional account services, utilizing our strategic relationships with mutual funds, insurance companies, trust companies, investment advisors, broker/dealers, pension funds, family offices, cities, and municipalities to provide specialized service in the taxable and tax-exempt marketplace.

We are large enough to perform most transactions, but small enough to provide the individualized attention that is often missing when working with large corporations.

We also know how challenging it can be for independent financial advisors to receive exceptional service from their trading desk; especially for small transactions involving individual bonds. We believe that feedback from an informed trading desk is essential to making knowledgeable fixed income decisions for clients. In fact, we regularly hear from advisors who are receiving substandard bond offerings, poor pricing, or have too many people involved in their transactions.

That's why we provide a cost-effective fixed income solution to the wealth management industry, which not only helps advisors manage and grow their businesses, but provides the infrastructure to allow critical face time with clients.

While there's no shortage of boutique investment firms springing up, they often lack the experience that is crucial to your success. Before you move your clients into mutual funds or ETFs, call to discuss the potential benefits of investing a portion of your managed portfolio in project specific municipal or corporate bonds.

We've successfully navigated turbulent markets for more than 30 years, and can provide the specialized services you need to make sound investment choices. Let our expertise benefit your clients as it streamlines your business while increasing their investment returns.


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